Para Ela
Para Ela

    Para Ela


    When we first tasted this Brazilian coffee, we were surprised by the sweet and tart fruit
    notes of red apple and strawberry, which are flavors we might expect to find in many Ethiopian coffees, not Brazilian coffee. Para Ela, which means “for her” in Brazil, is an arabica coffee produced by OurCoffees of Brazil that is exclusively grown, harvested by hand, processed, and packaged by a work force comprised entirely of women. 

    After receiving this direct trade, natural processed coffee from OurCoffees, it was
    developed and hand roasted by our roaster, Lisa.  Lisa has worked tirelessly to develop this coffee and roast profile in order to showcase the delicious fruit and milk chocolate notes that you will find (and love) to be present in your cup. Along with Lisa, our management team of Alysha, Elise, and Zuzu put their minds together to brainstorm artwork and marketing ideas to tell Para Ela’s unique story. At this point, we brought in super talented local artist Maren Conrad to apply her creative mind, special skill, and keen eye to create an unforgettable art piece for this special Women’s History Month collaborative coffee release.

    Put simply, we wanted to do something really cool to celebrate women everywhere. Diversity is good. Equality is a must. Embrace the future. Support local art. Drink good coffee. And think about all the amazing women around you and everywhere while doing so. For her, by her – Para Ela.